2017 Solar Eclipse - United States by Mark Sukhija

The total solar eclipse of 21st August, 2017 will cross the United States of America from west coast to east coast. This will provide massive travel oppurtunities for those wishing to see the eclipse.

The 2017 eclipse will make landfall in Oregon before heading east into Idaho, Montana (very much only just), Wyoming, Nebraska, north-eastern Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, southern Illinois, western Kentucky, Tennessee, the South-eastern corner of North Carolina, north-western Georgia before heading into the Atlantic in South Carolina.

The maximum period of totality is expected to be in western Kentucy near Princeton at around 2 minutes 40 seconds.

Eclipse path

NASA have published an interactive Google map of the eclipse path.

The 2017 eclipse is too far away for us to have any firm plans as yet. But it's likely that we'll view the eclipse from Kentucy, possibly in the Princeton area.

Eclipse tour operators

Tour operators are invited to submit their current plans to me as I will be keeping a record of whos going where and when. A strong preference is given to operators giving a link back to this site.

On-line resources

  • Eclipse2017.org - site dedicated to the first total solar eclipse on the US Mainland since 1979

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