Total Eclipse Experience

By Mark Sukhija

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9 April 2006

We're recently back from our trip through Libya and Egypt, which we have very much enjoyed. We purchased our tour through Journeys Worldwide firm based in Brisbane, Australia and run by the inimitable Dick Cijffers, having been informed of it by Peter Anderson of the AAQ.

I have to admit that not long ago I would not have envisaged going to Libya as a tourist. It's been a closed country for so long and run by a leader much-demonised in the West. However, Libya proved to all the more-intriging as a result. Our two guides, Muftah and Muhammer, like their countryfolk we met were polite, welcoming, honest and hospitable to a fault. Both myself and my companion (and I believe the whole group) much enjoyed their company. Speaking personally, the people of Libya will be my lasting memory of this trip.

As a couple, we never travel on tours and normally I will only surrender a maximum of a weekend with a tour for the Forumla-1. Honestly, and I know Dick and others will probably read this, I have mixed feelings about tours. Getting in/around Libya, even getting the visa, would have been difficult (impossible in the Visa's case) without the assistance of a tour firm. This convience was indispensible. However, we are used to being much more flexible in our schedules, in terms of where we visit, when we visit attractions and how long we spend/linger at any place. On balance, however we viewed this as the price we paid for visiting a country we would never otherwise have visited.

All that said though, Dick and Margret from Journeys Worldwide did a fantastic job of organising the tour and keeping us going on schedule throughout the whole trip. Well done to both of you. And I do, henceforth, recommend Journeys Worldwide.