2019 Solar Eclipse - South Pacific by Mark Sukhija

The total solar eclipse of 2nd July 2019.

The major land masses on the eclipse path include Chile and Argentina. The bulk of the remainder of the eclipse path is accross the South Pacific. While I am trying to identify land masses in the Pacific Ocean I'm not hopeful of finding anything accessible. I think the most accessible land close to the point of greatest eclipse will be the western coast of Chile.

NASA has published an interactive Google map of the eclipse path.

Current eclipse plans

Currently we have no definative plans for this eclipse. But booking early will be essential as accomodation is likely to be in very short supply given the eclipse path.

Eclipse tour operators

Tour operators are invited to submit their current plans to me as I will be keeping a record of whos going where and when. A strong preference is given to operators giving a link back to this site.

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About Mark Sukhija

Mark Sukhija is a travel and wine blogger, photographer, tourism researcher, hat-touting, white-shirt-wearing, New Zealand fantatic and eclipse chaser. Aside from at least annual visits to New Zealand, Mark has seen eclipses in South Australia (2002), Libya (2006), China (2009) and Queensland (2012). After twelve years in Switzerland, Mark moved back to London in 2012. You can follow Mark on Twitter or Facebook