Mark's Travel Notes

Zürich Niederdorf - recommended restaurants, pubs and bars

By Mark Sukhija

Restaurants in the Niederdorf

Please mention when dining at these fine establishments. I have visited all these establishments.

  • Le Dezaley (Romergasse 7+9, Zurich) - Le Dezaley is known for it's Fondue and Vaudoise style of cooking and there's an excellent selection of the best wine Switzerland has to offer - most notably from Le Dezaley region of Canton Vaud Personally, I reckon the Fondue is amongst the best, if not the best, in town. With an excellent reputation and in the shadow of the Grossmünster - booking in advance is essential.

  • Zur Oepfelchammer (Rindermarkt 12, Zurich) - One time haunt of Swiss writer Gottfried Keller, "Oeli" is a Zürich institution traditional Zürcher-fayre such as Zürcher Geschnetzeltes (slice veal in a cream sauce) and very white wines from the region, Stäfa in particular. If you can climb the sagging timbers (and have a drink while suspended) you can carve your into the wooden walls or table. The cozy and always convivial Gaststübe is preferable to the more staid Stübli.

Pubs and Bars in the Niederdorf

Please mention when dining / drinking at these fine establishments. I have visited all these establishments.

  • Bar Andorra (Munstergasse 20, Zurich) - Right in the heart of the Niederdorf the Bar Andorra is a popular hang-out for a more jazzy-crowd. The walls are adorned with images of Jazz legends Louis Armstrong and Etta James amonsgt others. A large propellor on cieling rotates slowly on the cieling to the Jazz tunes that eminate softly into the evening air. A selection of Swiss, Belgian and assorted other beers are on offer.

  • Corazón (Zahringerplatz 11, Zurich) - The Corazón is a pretty chilled out sort-of-place in Zähringerplatz in the Niederdorf district of Zürich . Close to many of the restaurants of the Niederdorf the Corazón is an excellent place to commence your evening or to simply chill over a nice bottle of (Belgian) Chimay Blue over one of the carved tables.

  • Tina Bar (Niederdorfstrasse 10, Zurich) - Discretly located above on a first floor in the Niederdorf district of Zürich The Tina Bar is kitted out with furniture formerly of the Savoy. Dark and atmospheric inside, the window seats afford view of Niederdorf below while the niches offer discrete comfort. A selection of cocktails and spirits is The Tina's speciality and worth the visit for these alone.

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