Berne by Mark Sukhija

Berne - what not to miss
What not to miss in the Swiss capital city of Berne

Berne Münster (Cathedral) - a brief history

A brief history of the Cathedral in the UNESCO-protected old town of Berne

Switzerland - places not to miss

Sixteen places not to miss around Switzerland

Switzerland - recommended hotels

Recommended hotels in Berne, Fribourg, Lugano, Neuchâtel and Rapperswil

Switzerland - sacred destinations

Nine of the finest churchs, cathedrals and monastries in Switzerland

Berne - costumed Fasnachtler

Costumed Fasnachtler in the Bernese old town

Berne - Fasnachtler

Fasnachtler at the Berner Fasnacht in the Berne Bundesplatz

Berne - Fasnachtler playing the trumpet

Trumpet playing fasnachtler at the Berne Bundesplatz for Berne Fasnacht