Zähringen by Mark Sukhija

The House of Zähringen were an influential noble family from Germany whose name came from the castle and village of the same name. Today, Zähringen is part of the city of Freiburg which was founded by the Dukes in 1120.

When Berthold (d 1078) did not receive the duchy of Swabia, which he had been promised, he was made duke of Carinthia in 1061. Berthold would lose the title when he joined a rebellion against Henry IV in 1073 but his son, Berthold II, who had also fought against Henry inherited the lands o the counts of Rheinfelden in 1090 and took the title Duke of Zähringen. Berthold II was, in turn, succeded by his sons Berthold III (d 1122) and Conrad (d 1152.) Conrad inherited land in Burgundy in 1127. Conrad was succeded by Berthold IV (d. 1186) and spent most of his time in Italy Berthold V succeded his father Berchold IV and founded the town of Bern. When Berthold died in in February 1218 the main line of the Zahringen family became extinct and their lands came into the possession of the Counts of Kyburg and after that to the Habsburgs.

Berthold V. is pictured on the Z?hringer fountain in Bern.

Z?hringer cities in Germany Z?hringer cities in Switzerland
Br?unlingen Berne
Freiburg Burgdorf
Neuenburg am Rhein Fribourg
Offenburg Murten
St. Peter, Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald Rheinfelden
Villingen (today part of Villingen-Schwenningen) Thun
Weilheim an der Teck

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