Switzerland - places not to miss by Mark Sukhija

Being more of a urban socialite (not to be confused with a socialist!) these are 14 great Swiss cities all of which are must considers for any more urbane visitor to Switzerland.

    German-speaking Switzerland

  1. Lucerne - Lucerne is one of the most touristed cities in Switzerland and it's not hard to see why. The picturesque setting on the lake and old town with a background of Alpine mountains contribute to the overall beauty of the city. The frescoed buildings, wooden bridges and riverside cafes all contribute to the overall ambience and scenic loveliness of the place. The tourists then proceed to turn it into Disneyland with mountains.

  2. Basel - serves as a cultural centre which rivals, and artistically surpasses, Zürich Close to Alsace in France and the Black Forest region of Germany , the Basel old town and museums are easily incorporated into a larger tour of Europe or of Switzerland itself.

  3. Berne - the old town of the Swiss capital is one of the best preserved medieval old towns in Europe and is justifiably inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visit the the largest gothic Cathedral in Switzerland, Albert Einsteins house or take a tour of the Parliament building.

  4. The twin spires of Zürichs Grossmünster Zürich - home to fabled Swiss Gnomes that supposedly inhabit the Swiss banking industry, Zürich is also the centre of Switzerland's nightlife and prestigous shopping districts.

  5. Thun - often overlooked in favour of the rather soulless touristic town of Interlaken which serves as the gateway to the Jungfraujoch. Thun is much more picturesque with its own castle and old town nestled above the lake which bears its name.

  6. St Gallen - St Gallen is home to one of Switzerland's most important Convents in the Baroque style. The Convent and the impressive Baroque Library is rightly inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list and is home to several beautifully decorated Gaelic texts.

  7. Fountain in the main square in front of the Castle in Rapperswil on the shores of Lake Zürich Rapperswil - Rapperswil is one of my favorite cities in Switzerland. It's got a beautiful old town, great setting and wonderful people. Don't miss the annual Blues 'n' Jazz Festival.

  8. Schaffhausen - Schaffhausen is famed as Switzerland's most beautiful baroque city. And I'm not one to fly in the face of public opinion. Not on this occasion at least. The Baroque is much in evidence in the Cathedral, Jesuit Church and town planning as imported by the French Ambassadors to Switzerland who resided in this Catholic stronghold during the reformation.

  9. Schaffhausen - Capital of the only canton which is exclusivly north of the Rhine river, Schaffhausen boasts a charming old town with many elaborate oriels and, of course, the Munot - a fortress overlooking the old town and the Rhine river. The Rhine Falls, Europe's largest waterfalls, are a very enjoyable hours walk away or a short bus / train ride.

  10. French-speaking Switzerland

  11. Statue above a fountain in the old town of Neuchâtel Neuchâtel - Described as a "toytown carved from butter" by Alexandre Dumas, the sandstone buildings which adorn the whole of the old town are as characteristic of the city of the city as the lake on which it is perched. Be sure to take in the castle, Collegial Church and a lake cruise.

  12. Geneva - known for its lake and Old Town, Geneva is also home to a host of international organisations, including the United Nations, which has resulted in Geneva playing host to more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city in Switzerland

  13. Lausanne - known as the San Fransisco of Switzerland for it's steep hilly nature, Lausanne is home to one of the most beautiful Swiss old towns and probably the most impressive Gothic Cathedrals in Switzerland. It's federally funded university (one of two in Switzerland ) and French-influenced culture make for an excellent night-life and good dining options. I recommend you try the beer at Les Brasseurs.

  14. Ticino

  15. Lugano - situated on the banks of Lake Lugano, Lugano is a little bit of Italy with Swiss organisation - although that could hold for most of Ticino. The Piazza of the pretty old town and the waterfront promenade provide excellent people-watching oppurtunities - although the promenade is by far the more scenic and sterotypically Swiss lakes and mountains, which is a good thing in this case.

  16. The Castelgrande above the Old Town of Bellinzona Bellinzona - Many people pass through Bellinzona for the Lakes of Ticino and Lombardy which lie beyond. Which is their loss. Bellinzona's historic old town is host to three of the most important castles and fortifications in Switzerland - built in the Lombard style - which provided control over the major passes between the Swiss Confederation and modern day Italy

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